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France extorts Qatar to deny Morocco access to the World Cup final


Exclusive: Morocco-France… Elysee intelligence extorts Qatar to deny Morocco access to the World Cup final

The victory of the French national team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup semifinal meeting over its Moroccan counterpart was a malicious scheme
Very carefully thought out as the political calculations of the French Deep State collided with Morocco’s football ambitions

France has carried out the most heinous football blackmail operation in the world by threatening to dig up the details and backgrounds of Qatar’s embrace of the World Cup if Morocco beats France in the World Cup semi-final match

The plan has been prepared very carefully throughout the recent period to be applied one night before the start of the Morocco-France match, on Tuesday, December 13, 2022, the vice-president of the European Parliament Eva Kaili was dismissed on charges of receiving a bribe from Qatar to influence the decisions of the European Parliament… The request for impeachment was submitted by French MP Manon Aubry (father France party), co-chair of the radical Left Bloc،

The impeachment process has set off a scandal within the European Parliament that will have serious consequences for Qatar if the investigations go ahead, and thus the French parliament has dedicated an important strategy paper to the Elysee Palace to pressure Qatar and blackmail it.

On December 14, 2022, Emmanuel Macron personally attends the Qatar 2022 World Cup semifinal match between Morocco and France.. He attends and is sure that his country’s national team will qualify after the success of Qatar’s abhorrent blackmail operation

During the interview, a clear refereeing bias of the Mexican referee in favor of the French team appeared from the very beginning, as he deprived the Moroccan team of two clear penalties, in addition to depriving the Lions of Atlas of clear fouls because the goal was thought out from the very beginning, which is France’s victory in any form.

The Emir of Qatar, Sheikh “Tamim”, was suspiciously absent from the Morocco-France match, and he did not miss any interview with the Moroccan national team during the previous rounds, and here major question marks are raised

Morocco may have lost the World Cup semifinal match… But he fought with honor, fought fiercely, and won the sympathy of millions of people of different races and religions… He lost because of a clear and exposed arbitration injustice, behind which stands a spiteful old colonialist obsessed with the hand of Morocco, who recruited his intelligence services to interfere in a global football event

The most important thing is to think that the file will stop there… The days between us will reveal many details and shocking facts to expose the ugliness of the true face of malicious France.

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