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Ten Steps For Calming Down Easily

It’s simple to immediately calm down. We never have to let tension or anxiety keep us from moving forward, no matter what is going on in the world. It’s critical to have quick calming skills because bad feelings can quickly turn addicting. It can be more difficult to let go of them the longer we cling to them. Zen offers a variety of strategies to overcome negativity. The foundation of this piece is value-centered counseling and Zen philosophy. It offers pleasurable and practical ways to de-stress, feel good about yourself, and locate that quiet amidst the storm.

 Open The Treasure House Within

“Open the treasure house within,” the teacher instructs the class in ten. This serves as a reminder that we all possess a wealth of inner resources. We must stop looking elsewhere and cease relying on other people in order to access our intrinsic strengths. Instead, we are instructed to set aside time each day to reflect on our internal state. We turn our focus within, uncover our true selves, and cease rejecting ourselves and other people. We are starting to reveal the treasure house inside as we carry out this action.

Pay Attention

We are the products of our thoughts. It is simple to fall prey to self-centered, obsessive ideas when we remain obsessed with one particular person, idea, or circumstance. The more we give attention to our negative or disturbing thoughts, the more power they have to control our lives. This is easily compatible.

Take control of your attention and what you’re focusing upon. Spend time each day developing concentration. This is also called meditation (or zazen). Sit with a straight back, do not move, and follow your natural breath. Let random thoughts come and go. Do not suppress them, but do not let them grab your attention away. (At first, you may be besieged by many surprising thoughts and feelings, but if you simply notice them and then return your attention to your breathing, these will soon die down). Count your breath from one to ten, then all over again. Do this for at least ten to fifteen minutes without moving. By not moving we are stopping what is called the monkey mind.

Stop The Monkey Mind

The monkey mind is the part of us that constantly jumps from one thought to another, fears, demands, criticizes, and wrecks havoc on our life. It is the aspect of us that brings about grief and fear. We become balanced and tranquil by taking control of our thoughts and refusing to pay attention to or react to the numerous negatives the monkey mind throws our way. We become less susceptible to being taken away by fleeting emotions and thoughts as we do this frequently. Instead, we find a calm spot in the chaos where we can always go for solace and strength.

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