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When you need an energy boost, the best snack to eat


Ah, the terrible midday lull. the time of day when you lose all of your energy and feel drowsy and sleepy for no apparent cause. Many people use caffeine, energy drinks, and other fast remedies to boost their energy during these trying times. However, this frequently fuels the fire by giving you brief energy spikes that raise cortisol levels and lead to later energy falls, leaving you feeling even more worn out than before. You’re not alone if this sounds familiar to you. According to a 2020 National Sleep Foundation poll, U.S. individuals experience energy dips, tiredness, and difficulty with attention on average three days per week. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide your body with snacks that, sleepiness and lack of focus three days per week, according to a 2020 survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation. That’s why it’s imperative to fuel your body properly with snacks that don’t cause you to crash and deliver sustained energy that keeps you feeling good all day long.


Continue reading if you’re seeking a quick and simple snack to cheer you up the next time you’re feeling depressed. A registered dietitian nutritionist and nutrition adviser at Zenmaster Wellness, Kelsey Lorencz, shared her knowledge on the ideal snack to eat when you need an energy boost during our conversation.


What to Look for in an Energy-Boosting Snack

When you’re lacking energy and seeking a snack (especially if you’re hungry), sugar, coffee, and energy drinks may seem like the simple solution. Unfortunately, these remedies don’t offer long-lasting energy and might be crash-proof. Instead, you should boost your energy with nourishing whole foods that provide you with strong, enduring energy to enable you to feel and perform at your best. According to a 2020 review published in Nutrients, meals high in B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and zinc have been demonstrated to boost energy levels.

Choose snacks with complex carbohydrates, protein, and fiber when you need an energy boost because they take longer to digest, give you continuous energy, and make you feel fuller for longer. For a balanced nutritional energy boost, think about combining a few different items, like Greek yogurt and berries or banana and nut butter. Additionally, it’s important to monitor your hydration if you want to keep your energy levels up.

“Energy-boosting snacks should have a carbohydrate source, preferably a complex carb like fruit or whole grain, and either a small amount of fat or protein (or both). Carbs are a quick energy source, but relying on refined carbs can lead to a surge of energy that doesn’t last long,” explains Lorencz. “By choosing a carbohydrate with a good amount of fiber, like fruit, veggies or whole grains, you’ll get that quick energy, but it will last much longer and feel more stable. Also, pair your carb with protein and healthy fats to help fill you up and slow down digestion, leading to more energy for a longer period.”

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